Mattress Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning, Mattress cleaning tends to slip from ones memory. But you shouldnt let it! Did you know the average bed contains over 6 Billion dust mites, yes, 6 BILLION!

Dust mites are microscopic parasites which feed on dead skin cells and other debris. Their excrement can lead to real health issues and even breathing related problems!

That's not all, you may also have other parasites lurking in your bed!

Bed bugs, are becoming a real modern day nightmare and initial infestation tends to be around beds, but the bugs can also spread to adjacent rooms. They prefer fabric, wood or paper surfaces and can be found in seams and folds of mattresses, later spreading to crevaces in the bed.

To remove these parasites and sleep comfortable and bug free, Contact Us today to arrange Cleaning, or click here to view Prices.


Bugs & Parasites that could be living in your Mattress. Contact us now to have your mattress cleansed and sanitized today.

All our cleaning processes are safe, hygenic and will refresh, deodorise and santise your mattress, leaving you to sleep sound tonight, PARASITE free!

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